Integration With ClearPay

When it comes to POS systems and software, integration should be the least of your worries. That’s the way we see it at ClearPay, which is why we make the security of our clients and their customers a top priority in all of our system offerings. We strive to give you peace of mind when using our systems and equipment for credit card processing that is safe and secure.

EMV Semi-Integrated Solutions

As EMV or chip cards become more widely used and have been mandated in retail environments, you’ll need the necessary POS system and software. Accepting this type of payment acts to protect your customer’s information as well as you from fraud liability. The way the customer’s banking information is communicated between the merchant and a semi-integrated terminal prevents it from being stored in the POS. This essentially removes the POS system from the equation, reducing industry compliance requirements.


Keeping card data secure is an integral piece of credit card processing and a big opportunity for liability as a merchant. That’s why point-to-point encryption, or P2PE is a desirable feature. Software that uses P2PE converts cardholder data into a one-time code the moment the card is swiped or dipped, remaining encoded throughout the transaction. This increases the security of your customer’s card data and decreases your fraud liability. While EMV transactions are a more secure card payment method, having point-to-point encryption increases security even more!

Fraud Protection

Beyond industry standard equipment and encryption, our systems have an added layer of security in fraud prevention. State-of-the-art real-time fraud scanning will ensure peace of mind that your system is secure and protected from fraudulent activity such as hacking. This extra feature provides increased value as it boosts card processing security.


Protecting consumer account data can come in many forms, one of those is tokenization. During a transaction, a customer’s data can be assigned a unique token that is passed along throughout the transaction as opposed to the actual customer info. This allows a transaction to take place and payment to be processed, without storing or sending sensitive information.

Smart and secure POS software can make all the difference when it comes to smoothly running your business by protecting you from fraud liability. ClearPay offers you a variety of benefits and options using integrative software and equipment. For integrative software solutions and other merchant services that prioritize your business’ security, contact us at ClearPay.